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1 Family meals are beneficial for the whole family
by Metro Creative News Source · Robins | December 6th, 2017

Families who resolve to spend more time together may reap a host of benefits. One of the easiest ways to enjoy family company is to dine together - with researchers saying it's one of the most important things parents and other caregivers can do for children.
2 As winter nears, reduce cold-weather fire risk
by Metro Creative News Source · News | October 5th, 2017

Plenty of things heat up when the temperature drops, including the risk for fire hazards. Fireplaces, stoves, heating systems, candles, and even electric lights are used more often during the winter than any other time of year, so it makes sense that the risk of home fires increases when the mercury drops.
3 6 reasons to dine out this Valentine's Day
by Metro Creative News Source · News | January 19th, 2017

Valentine's Day is celebrated in various ways throughout the world. One of the more popular methods of spending time with a romantic partner is over a delicious meal at a nice restaurant.
4 The history and safety of holiday lights
by Metro Creative News Source · Robins | December 16th, 2016

Holiday celebrants employ holiday lights in various ways. Certain individuals may be content to hang lights on their Christmas trees and call their decorating complete. Others may get their holiday jollies by making sure each square inch of their home is covered in twinkling lights. Still, other people prefer the more subdued effect of lights framing one picture window of the house.
5 Benefits of buying local during the holidays
by Metro Creative News Source · News | November 22nd, 2016

Holiday shopping dominates many people's free time between the day after Thanksgiving and the final days before Christmas. While many people may shop 'til they drop on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, those days still account for a relatively small amount of the hundreds of billions of dollars that are spent each holiday season.
6 Tidbits about your Thanksgiving turkey
by Metro Creative News Source · News | November 22nd, 2016

Few foods receive the fanfare of turkey during the holiday season. The National Turkey Federation says Americans eat 46 million turkeys each Thanksgiving and another 22 million on Christmas. An additional 19 million enjoy turkey as part of their Easter celebrations.
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