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Hiawatha's Midwest Shooting offers indoor range
by Nancy Grindle Correspondent · October 31st, 2016

Midwest Shooting, located at 1490 Ketelson Drive in Hiawatha, has a lot to offer those who like to hunt or target shoot. It also is a good place to learn about handling weapons in a safe place for those who are not familiar with guns.

We spoke with General Manager Chad Christoph and Assistant Manager Tiffanie Mrozek to see what this company does and how it serves the area.

The business is locally owned and began in Hiawatha three and a half years ago.

Midwest Shooting has two indoor ranges for target shooting. The two separate areas allow them to teach classes on one side while leaving the other side open for members. Some of the groups that use the range to practice and qualify as members are people from Homeland Security, the U.S. Marshall Service and local police departments.

Chad emphasized that safety is the number-one priority. Age requirements apply, and one is required to have ear and eye protection to enter a range. Employees check each person's gun before he or she can enter the shooting area.

It also has full camera surveillance employees watch carefully and ensure each person uses the range appropriately.

When getting a membership to use the ranges, there is an orientation session and a set of written requirements to follow.

It was nice to see that Tiffanie is one of the key people at Midwest. She and Chad told us there are "women-only" classes which help women to feel more comfortable than they might in a mixed group. Tiffanie and Chad want ladies to feel like they can ask the questions they might think a guy would consider "dumb."

A person can take individual lessons as well as classes besides the women-only ones. For instance, one is an introductory three-hour "pull the trigger" session. The class for women-only runs six hours. Still others help participants fulfill requirements to get a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

It was interesting to find that Midwest Shooting is one of the places where a person actually shoots at a range when receiving the permit to carry and that makes it valid in Minnesota. Iowa and many other states have reciprocal agreements, meaning that if you get a permit in Iowa, it is honored in a multitude of other states. But Minnesota requires one to shoot a gun in front of the instructor instead of only sitting through the class.

Midwest Shooting has 15 employees, including what Chad termed "one and a half" full-time gunsmiths, so if you have an old gun or one needing adjustment, you can have it checked over.

In addition, it has a closet of rental guns you can try out to help you get familiar with guns. If someone wants to buy a gun but doesn't know what kind, the rental closet is a way to find out what you might like before spending money on one of your own.

One of the interesting services offered at Midwest Shooting is a simulator. Many people have used a driving simulator in drivers' ed. In this case, some law officers use the simulator to learn to react properly in real-life situations. There are many simulations other than the real-life ones, too. If you are of a persuasion to "duke it out" with zombies, Tiffanie mentioned that they have popular simulator films featuring those creatures.

However, both Chad and Tiffanie turned sober when it comes to safety issues. They are particularly concerned that people learn how to be totally safe with a weapon. And they want anyone who comes to Midwest Shooting to be fully informed and capable regarding staying safe, not only for themselves but for the people around them.

If you want to know more about Midwest Shooting, the company's website is and its phone number is 319-393-1888.
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