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Robins Fire Dept. prepares for the winter season
by Brian Boots Robins Fire Chief · November 17th, 2016

I hope your summer was safe and uneventful for you. Another season has come and another one has arrived. With winter coming, please get your furnace checked to make sure it is in working condition for the winter months to come.

Tidbit on smoke detectors and C02 detectors: They are good for 10 years for the most part, but some do become faulty prematurely. We have had a number of smoke detectors and C02 detectors that have been outdated. Ideally, after 10 years you really need to look at replacing them. They are a cheap investment for your home compared to the alternative.

Some smoke detectors and C02 detectors have batteries. Make a point to switch out your batteries at least once a year. Ideally every six months is recommended. If you are not able to change out your batteries due to being physically unable or you do not have the right equipment to do so, please contact City Hall so that we can help make your home safe.

With winter coming also comes snow, ice, and cold. Make sure you start slowing down for stop signs earlier now to be ready for the first snow. Too many people get in a hurry and forget about the slick roads. Make a backpack for your car that has some survival tools in it (flashlight, hot packs, blanket, extra pair of socks...). Add what you feel will help you out in an emergency.

Reminder to residents: on our web site we have a site for Knox boxes for residential home. These security boxes are great for the elderly or individuals with medical concerns. In the event they are not able to get to the door for emergency responders; it gives the fire department access to get into the home so that they can give the aid the resident needs. See the web site or call City Hall for more information.

Trainings for October

Air management drills: This is where you manage your air bottle while you do firefighter activities. It also helps you find out how much physical activity you can do while on a tank of air.

Car Extrication: We worked on car extrication scenarios at Darrah's towing.

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