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Shriners changing lives and aiding families in need
by Nancy Grindle Correspondent · February 27th, 2017

Over the past few months we have seen many situations in which the Shriners have assisted children. We were invited to their Christmas party, which was a joyous event, and to speak with Seth and Jade McGill as their son Jude faced serious surgery in December, and came through well.

However, we especially stand in awe of their good deeds for children after meeting with a young lady and her aunt and uncle who now live in Hiawatha. The Shriners helped end excruciating pain that the girl had endured for more than three years.

It began in Liberia, West Africa, where Salome Daniel was playing with others in a field during recess at school. Salome's Aunt Suah explained that it was not smooth like we might envision a field, but rough and bumpy. Salome tripped and fell when her left leg went into a hole. She was 12 years old at the time.

At the location where the incident took place, medical assistance was not advanced. A doctor did examine her, but being unable to do X-rays, he thought she had injured her knee because she complained of knee pain. He put the injured knee in a cast and gave her crutches.

Salome endured months and months of pain. In her town, a person without a vehicle has to walk everywhere and has to carry water for drinking and washing, among other things. She was extremely limited.

Here in the United States, Salome's uncle and aunt, Duwoe and Suah Borsay, explained Salome's situation to one of their closest friends. Upon hearing Salome's story, their friend suggested they contact the Shriners for help.

Despite the fact that the Shriners have hospital facilities only in Canada, Mexico and the U.S., representatives said she could receive treatment at one of the hospitals if she came here from Africa. And they made arrangements for her at the Minneapolis hospital.

Doctors at the Shrine facility did X-rays and found out that it was not Salome's knee that had been damaged, it was her hip. The ball had broken and it had become detached from her pelvis. So at first they tried to save her hip. They inserted plates, pins, and screws, but when it didn't heal properly, the hardware had to be removed.

Another problem was that Salome was very deficient in Vitamin D. After surgery, she returned home with her aunt and uncle, and took medication and ate foods prescribed by the dieticians to heal her bones and strengthen them. It took another year just for her to heal.

Doctors still didn't want to operate, but eventually they performed hip replacement surgery, and she became pain-free in a short time. Because Salome is so young, however, she may have to repeat the hip replacement two or three times over her life span.

After each of the surgeries she underwent, the physical therapist would show Salome exercises she was to do. She would go home with her aunt and uncle and work on them. She followed the instructions faithfully and showed improvement.

Each month she traveled to Minneapolis for continued evaluation, and the therapists would then give her more exercises.

During that time, the family made the trips to Minneapolis right after work in the middle of the week, so they were unable to use the Shriners bus. They scheduled her appointments for early the following morning. That way they could return home the same day and not miss too much work.

To look at Salome now, you would never know that she had ever been on the brink of permanent and serious disability. She is a senior at Kennedy High School and works part-time as a cashier at the BlairsFerry WalMart.

She walks without a crutch, cane, or limp and seems like any healthy, happy teenager. She is a pretty girl, as you can see from the picture of her with her aunt
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