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City Council to conduct hearings at next meeting
by Nancy Grindle Correspondent · March 9th, 2017

The Marion City Council will conduct a number of hearings at its 5:30 p.m. regular meeting on Thursday, March 9, 2017, at City Hall.

The first hearing is about the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Budget. According to information from City Manager Lon Pluckhahn, a hearing is required before the council can adopt the budget and send it to the state. Once the budget is published, the council cannot increase expenditures, revenues or tax rates. But any of the three can be reduced.

Pluckhahn stated that the Water Department budget is also included in the hearing notice. While that department has its own governing authority, Pluckhahn said it is considered a component unit of the city and is reported on all state forms.

The second hearing is about precinct boundary descriptions. Due to recent annexations for precinct MR14, the Marion Code of Ordinances needs an amendment to Chapter 3, Boundaries.

The City of Cedar Rapids is to get FEMA assistance to pay Marion for flood assistance in September of 2016. Marion provided $118,000 in services, including personnel and equipment.

A resolution is to be put before the council to approve the purchase of a forestry bucket truck. Such a truck will assist with ongoing tree maintenance objectives of the forestry department. The purchase would be part of the Capital Improvement Program and is part of the FY2017 budget.

The Parks Department solicited bids and received three. The low bid was submitted by Utility One Source Forestry for $137,527. Production of the truck takes seven to eight months, so if the purchase is approved at the council meeting, the truck would arrive in mid-September or early October.

A drainage issue near Pebble Creek Drive and Roseberry Court has been examined by the engineering department staff. Some of the options are costly, one for about $200,000 and another for around $125,000.

Yet another option involves creating a wetland waterway that would not be mowed, but the engineering department indicated that "Past experience associated with large area wetland waterways in manicured residential areas has included continuing complaints associated with snakes, rats, raccoons and gathering trash."

Barker Financial will renovate the former Sorg Pharmacy/Parks and Schmidt locations. Updates include new HVAC, ADA improvements, electrical and plumbing, and a sprinkler system. A related resolution could provide TIF funds to Barker.

Financial assistance to Ramsey's, GLD Commercial and Scenic Development are also part of Thursday's agenda.

Tuesday's work session began an hour early (3 p.m.) with a full hour devoted to discussion of the Capital Improvements Program.

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