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by Ken Rizer State Representative · April 20th, 2017

I've received countless emails, texts and phone calls this session about doing more to make our roads safe. This is in response to a major spike in the number of Iowa traffic fatalities both last year and this year, many of which were related to distracted as well as drunk driving. Two specific bills, requested by and supported by law enforcement, passed recently and will help make Iowa's roads safer for drivers and passengers alike.

Texting and Driving - As technology has advanced, the use of phones while driving has become increasingly dangerous and distracting. As a result, 46 other states have already banned texting while driving.

Senate File 234 makes roads safer by adding texting while driving to the list of primary offenses. This allows law enforcement to pull over drivers who are texting, sending emails, browsing social media apps, or engaging in other distracting activities on their phones. Under current law, texting and driving is a secondary offense so law enforcement is unable to pull drivers over unless they are suspected of other offenses.

The bill allows drivers to continue to use their phones to make calls, use voice-to-text functions, or use GPS.

24/7 Sobriety Program - Drunk drivers on Iowa's roads present an incredible danger to Iowans.

Modeled after successful programs in other states, Senate File 444 implements the 24/7 Sobriety program as a way to combat drunk driving. By voluntarily opting in, participating counties will be able to require repeat offenders and first-time offenders (under certain conditions) to submit to twice daily drug and alcohol tests.

Requiring twice daily in-person drug and alcohol tests will hold offenders accountable, providing a valuable tool to end their addiction to drugs and alcohol.

After South Dakota implemented a similar program, drunk and drugged driving re-occurrences were dramatically reduced, saving lives and saving the state money in reduced court and jail costs.

It's a great honor to serve the people of Marion, Bertram, Ely and the surrounding parts of Linn County. If you'd like to meet, discuss an issue, or visit the Capitol please call me at 319-651-7316 or email me at
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