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by Jeff Drakke · June 1st, 2017

Hi Dan,

I read you [sic] somewhat funny article about that semi driver who destroyed a bridge by Cresco. What he did wasn't funny but you talking about weight limits was. However, you attributing it to being a libertarian fighting the man is a mistake. More like a commie, who like many west coast cities, ignore the law. I'm talking about how these leftist sanctuary cities ignore the law because it doesn't suit them. They are setting the precedent that you don't need to follow laws if you don't want to ... like paying taxes. This issue of semis destroying bridges is nothing new. Some woman truck driver did the same thing last year out east to an old bridge. The sign said the weight limit was 2 tons, if I remember correctly. She didn't know how much a ton was, so she "took her chances" and lost.

That is probably the real issue here. Schools don't teach basics anymore like how much a ton equals in pounds. They are too busy teaching political correctness and how bad libertarians are and how great homosexuals and trannies are. We now have a generation of morons who can't calculate basic math, but I bet this guy can tell you what TV show his favorite tranny is on. We have a generation of people who can't think straight thanks to political correctness. He was just following his GPS as that's what he was told in school (just follow orders). Don't question their commie propaganda these "teachers" spew out, just accept it without question. Well that's what he did with his GPS. He just accepted it.

You can blame the leftist, politically correct indoctrinating school system for producing a whole new generation of idiots who can't read or write, but can tell you all about homophobia, xenophobia, racism, transgenderism, and any other leftist, degenerate, societal decaying drivel. That is the real issue.

Jeff Drakke
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