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First Daughter offers effervescent suggestion for stylish Memorial Day celebration
by Dan Brawner Columnist · June 8th, 2017

Americans have always been uncomfortable with matters of etiquette. While Europeans are steeped in social traditions, in this country we can feel a bit awkward when it comes to the social niceties. For example, knowing how to celebrate Memorial Day can be touchy. Fortunately, first daughter Ivanka Trump has come to our rescue.

On Sunday, the "Ivanka Trump HQ" website posted a Tweet, "Make champagne popsicles this Memorial Day!"

How clever and jolly!

However, not everybody was eager to join in the fun. One reader responded with a photo of a headstone in Arlington National Cemetery and the message, "Here's one of my best friends killed in Iraq. Enjoy the bubbly."

But, contemplating Ivanka's popsicle suggestion makes you wonder if the formerly somber Memorial Day has gone the way of Halloween - no longer a buzzkill about remembering the dead and now more about new ways to have a good time.

Curious as to what a champagne popsicle could be, I followed the link to Ivanka's lifestyle website. Like the socially inept person I am, I was imagining pouring champagne into cute Dixie cup molds with - I don't know - pencils for the popsicle sticks. But I was quickly shamed to read that the elegant way to do it is to buy organic fruit popsicles and simply stick them into glasses of Dom Perignon. What a splendid suggestion! None of that grubby do-it-yourself stuff. All you need is some artisanal popsicles and a $200-a-bottle champagne and you're ready to toast to fallen heroes - or whatever.

Having been set straight on the posh popsicle business, I could not resist delving into the rest of Ivanka's website, which is brimming with other tips for kicking off the summer season. There are suggestions for vacationing in elegant resorts, along with Ivanka's own personal advice on just how she packs for her important Washington business trips to achieve that signature style and efficiency. There are fitness tips and insightful articles like, "How Much Alcohol is Too Much?" (I would have thought if you suddenly find yourself concerned about this question, it is probably too late to do much about it.)

The website has tips on skin care and links to Ivanka's line of clothing and accessories-because if you want to commit to the lifestyle, you really ought to go all the way. And it's not just about buying cool stuff (well, it mostly is).

It's also about attitude - so Ivanka has a section called, "Wise Words" for guiding your life choices, such as, "Be afraid, do it anyway." And, "Chin up, spirits high." And a quote from the actress Katherine Hepburn, which, given the Trumps' recent awkwardness with Russia, takes on a slightly sinister tone, "If you obey all of the rules, you miss all of the fun."

So, for all you poor stiffs out there, working three jobs to pay for health insurance, wondering how to relax at the end of the day, wouldn't a nice Dom Perignon popsicle go down good?

And cheers to all the veterans!
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