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Trump at Kirkwood, then rallies at US Cellular Center
by Nancy Grindle and DJ Kauffman Correspondents · June 29th, 2017

Billionaire, Republican, and 45th President of the United States of America, Donald J. Trump, could be sipping coconut drinks with his beautiful wife somewhere on a tropical island, but has instead, decided to spend his days as he says, "draining the swamp" in Washington, D.C.

"It's always terrific to be able to leave that Washington swamp and spend time with the truly hardworking people, we call them American patriots, amazing people," the U.S. President said to over six thousand of his "Make America Great Again" supporters, who held "Women for Trump" and "Drain the Swamp" signs while cheering loudly throughout the US Cellular Center arena in Cedar Rapids on Wednesday, June 21, at 7 p.m. "It is a big, beautiful arena and it is packed."

Prior to his visit to the US Cellular Center, President Trump visited Kirkwood Community College. He opened his remarks at Kirkwood by saying his administration has been studying agriculture topics and he learned more about farming than he ever thought he could. He intends to empower American farmers, saying, "Family farmers are the backbone of America" and his administration "will always support them."

He credited former Governor Terry Branstad with helping farmers be more successful.

Branstad spoke at Kirkwood, and said his highest ambition as a farm kid was to serve as Iowa's governor, but "When my president calls me to help him with our great country, I do it."

Trump was introduced to many new concepts in agricultural technology. And he was impressed, mentioning how a farmer can now control an application in a field by merely touching buttons on a smartphone. He loved the idea of being able to use a drone to examine fields. And he saw the great value in using simulators for training.

Iowa Farm Bureau Federation (IFBF) President Craig Hill and other ag leaders were present at the Kirkwood event. IFBF statistics indicate that one in every five jobs in Iowa is tied to agriculture, and the future of farming depends on changes like those shown to President Trump.

According to the IFBF, Iowa's farmers are entering the "fourth year of a downturned agricultural economy," and over the last three years, farm income has dropped by 46 percent.

President Trump said, "American farmers and ranchers are the absolute best at what they do." Farmers have had to face "terrible, terrible trade deals." He wants a level playing field, achieved by fixing "foreign trade abuses" and eliminating "job-killing legislation."

Trump also wants to end the "death tax," so farms can be passed on to children and grandchildren without today's "double-taxing." And, "we're not confiscating their land with ridiculous rules and regulations that don't make sense."

Trump promised to protect Iowa's ethanol industry and is a proponent of all kinds of energy: coal, natural gas, electric, wind, solar and even nuclear if the right opportunity presents itself.

Another one of Trump's goals is to extend good broadband internet service to all of rural America so the farmer can utilize new technologies.

Trump complimented farmers and ranchers as being tough, smart, having grit. They have a fantastic work ethic and pour their hearts into their farms and communities, providing more than just a living - that's why it's called the "Heartland."

He said the future of the American farmer has never looked brighter and he will work to support that during his administration.

President Trump then moved on to the US Cellular Center to give his "Make America Great Again" speech. Trump told the audience he is fighting for them. "Your future is what I'm focused on each and every day." He also said they were great Americans. "If we set aside the cynics and the critics, we have a chance - and it's a great chance that lies before us - to do extraordinary things for our country in the years ahead," he said. "I came in and took over a very, very difficult hand. But we're gonna get it fixed. That's what you put me here for."

He also said, "History is written by the dreamers, not the doubters. So while we are here tonight to celebrate the amazing progress that we've already made, we're also here to lay out the next step in our incredible movement to make America great again."

As he spoke about his "Make America Great Again," plan, he touched on three important items: the economy, law enforcement, and energy. "If we had even a little Democrat support, we'd have everything," he said.

Economy: As a successful former businessman, President Trump is looking at different ways of improving the U.S. economy than perhaps other presidents preceeding him did. He said they are working really hard to achieve massive tax cuts. "If it's the way I want it," it will be "the largest tax cuts in the history of the United States of America."

He also said, "After years of sending our jobs and our wealth to other countries, we are finally standing up for OUR country. And you see it happening. Jobs are just about the best they've ever been. We've created almost $4 trillion in wealth."

In addition, he talked about the negative impact of U.S. citizen's tax dollars flooding into other countries, while the U.S. economy, security, and infrastructure waned. "After spending billions of dollars defending other people's borders, we are finally going to defend OUR borders."

And, "after decades of rebuilding fallen nations, all over the world, we are now rebuilding OUR nation. As of a few months ago, our country has spent $6 trillion in the Middle East - wasted ... And the lives - thousands and thousands and thousands of lives. We started 16 years ago and it's in far worse shape than it was 16 years ago by many times over."

Law Enforcement: Besides the economy, President Trump is focused on supporting all U.S. law enforement. He recognized the brave actions by two when they faced life-threatening danger recently while protecting Republican Congressmen during a baseball practice in Washington, D.C. During his speech he said, "I'd like to also take this moment to send our thoughts and prayers to our courageous friend, Steve Scalise, and everyone recovering from the assault. To Steve we say, 'We're praying for you, we're pulling for you, you have our absolute support and our deepest admiration.'

"And our gratitude goes out to the Capital police officers as well, those who saved so many lives; they ran from the outfield in. They were being hit by rifle fire and they only had handguns. And they were able to get him. It was an amazing show of talent and bravery. ... Hopefully our nation emerges from this ordeal more unified and more determined than ever before. And I can see it. And we are indeed more unified in our own way'"

While speaking about the Scalise shooting, he was interupted by a handful of protesters in the upper corner balcony area behind him. They were escorted from the facility by local law enforcement officers. To this, President Trump said, "And we love our police."

Energy: Making America energy-independent also tops the President's priorities. During his speech, he said he supports using most types of natural sources for energy, including coal, oil, wind, electric, ethanol, and solar in order for the U.S. to be "energy strong in the future."

According to President Trump, the current administration is relaxing heavy regulations in the coal industry. "We have great wealth, in the form of energy [speaking of coal]. They wanted to take that from us." But we are "putting miners back to work. ... Last week a brand new coal mine opened in Pennsylvania, and 33,000 mining jobs have been added" since he was inaugurated, he said.

The current administration also supports The Keystone XL oil pipeline and North Dakota Access Pipeline. President Trump said he wants any new pipeline to be made with U.S. steel and fabricated by U.S. workers moving forward. He said it has created 38,000 jobs, and is better and safer for the environment.

And although President Trump said he does support wind energy, he did allude to it as being unreliable and dangerous to birds. Wind energy is proven as a clean fuel source as it does not pollute the air like power plants that rely on coal or natural gas. But according to Commonly Asked Questions About Wind Energy - We Energies states, "Most wind turbines need a sustained wind speed of 9 MPH or higher to operate." And as noted in, "Wind turbines kill an estimated 140,000 to 328,000 birds each year in North America, making it the most threatening form of green energy." According to, these totals may be underestimated.

The Trump administration is also for saving ethanol in the State of Iowa. "They are under siege folks," he said. He also mentioned they have started on planning to build the border wall between the U.S. and Mexico. "I'm a builder," he said. To this the crowd chanted, "Build that wall."

He told the crowd about his idea to build the wall using solar panels. He said this way the wall pays for itself, and the higher it goes, the more valuable it becomes. And, this would be one place where solar works, while looking beautiful as well.
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