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Red Cedar Chamber Music instrumental in MISD student learning
by DJ Kauffman Correspondent · September 28th, 2017

Red Cedar Chamber Music violinist Miera Kim and cellist Carey Bostian filled the Granger House in Marion with instrumental sounds on the morning of Friday, September 22. The group played various classical period pieces in the parlor before several groups of Marion Independent School District 2nd and 3rd grade students throughout the morning. The inspirational and informative performances offered the students a real-life experience as to what middle-class life would have been like during the Victorian era.

According to, "Music in the parlor was of a very different sort than in the concert hall. Solo performances and chamber music were popular, and included everything from operatic and orchestral transcriptions to sentimental love songs and ballads. In the United States, hymns and folk songs by composers like Stephen Foster (1826-1864) supplemented the European repertoire."

Before the Red Cedar Chamber Music "mini-concerts," the students were guided through the Victorian-style home by Marion Historical Museum Director Barb Trujillo. While giving details about the Granger family's home, Trujillo jokingly told them the 150-year-old house was older than she is. One young girl seemed very surprised at this revelation.

The Friday event at the Granger House was part of the Red Cedar Chamber Music's four-day residence Music for Kids event held from September 19 through 22. Both Kim and Bostian had also visited Longfellow and Starry, where they offered students 30-minute musical education sessions. Bostian said they have hosted 243 MISD events since 2005.

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