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Marion Police Department investigates homicide
by DJ Kauffman Correspondent · October 5th, 2017

A recent Marion police investigation into a suspicious death has been determined to be a homicide, according to Marion Police Department Public Information Officer (PIO) Tom Daubs. He told reporters the remains were found at 560 Hillview Drive in Marion after a wellness check was conducted by officials around 9:15 a.m. on Monday, October 2. PIO Daubs originally stated something was found at the scene leading investigators to open an investigation into the possible homicide.

In a press release on Tuesday, October 3, at 3:14 p.m., the Marion Police stated the homicide occurred at 1280 14th Street in Marion and the victim of the homicide was identified as 29-year-old female, Carrie Davis of Columbus, Ohio. The MPD and Linn County Attorney's Office, as of Tuesday, formally charged 27-year-old Gregory Davis, of Marion, with Murder in the First Degree. "Although the suspect and victim have the same last name, they were not married or related."

After the initial report was given in a parking lot located at the corner of Grand Avenue and East Post Road in Marion, reporters, including the Times, visited the scene, where red and yellow tape surrounded the Hillview property.

A neighbor, who would like to stay anonymous, said he saw police with shields looking through a green trailer in the carport of the Hillview residence on Monday morning. And, two other neighbors reported hearing the sound of what they thought was a battering ram coming from the backyard.

Several neighbors said they believe the property was a rental and has been recently vacated. Another person, who is a nearby neighbor, said she noticed a family moving out of the 560 Hillview Drive home during the past three or four weeks, and was unsure when the green trailer had been moved into the carport area.

She said she has seen the neighborhood deteriorate since she first moved into her home in 1974. She attributes the decline to several single family dwellings becoming rental homes. She had previously notified the police about one teenager who had lived there, after he threw eggs and tomatoes at her well-kept property, she said. Another neighbor said she has had no problems concerning crime in her 11 years of living there.

According to Rental Housing and Crime: The Role of Property Ownership and Management by Terance J. Rephann, "There is an ongoing public perception that non-local landlords and poor property management are a cause of many local crime problems. Even within criminology and the social sciences, there is a growing recognition that researchers should 'pay closer attention to the economics of property ownership and the management of places,' (Eck and Wartell 1998)."

The Marion Police Department continues to investigate the case. The MPD was assisted by the Linn County Sheriff's Office and the Iowa Division of Criminal Enforcement in apprehending Mr. Davis and in conducting a coordinated investigation of three crime scenes at the same time.

The Marion Police Department has stated that the community is in no immediate danger and informed the Marion City Council on Tuesday. The Marion Times will update the public as details of the ongoing investigation are released.
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