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Q & A with Congressman Blum
by Rod Blum · October 5th, 2017

Q. Why did you support the Debt Limit Increase, why aren't politicians in Washington taking this more seriously? Andy from Waukon via Twitter

A. I agree 100 percent with you on the need for Congress to get serious about the biggest threat to our nation: our national debt which will hurt our long-term economic prosperity. 

But instead of a standalone debt limit bill that could have included much-needed spending reforms, the DC political establishment combined a short-term debt limit increase with the hurricane relief bill. That's politics as usual in Washington. I was forced to choose between a short-term increase in the debt limit OR helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey. 

I detest this kind of political game, whereby our own nation's citizens - who are victims of natural disasters - are used as bargaining chips in order to continue a disastrous fiscal policy in other areas. Northeast Iowa has seen devastating flooding over the last decade, and I fully support funding to help in the mitigation and recovery of the natural disasters taking place now along the Gulf Coast, as well as for funding for critical flood prevention projects in the 1st District. 

I eventually voted 'yes' because those impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma should not suffer because of the repeated failures of career politicians in Washington.

I also believe that any type of disaster relief spent by the federal government should be PAID FOR by offsets targeting waste, fraud, and abuse in other areas of the federal budget. If we want our nation to be in the position to afford funding for FEMA, flood walls, and hurricane recovery - now and in the future - we must begin to take the hard necessary votes to control our 20 trillion dollar debt that will be passed on to our children and grandchildren. I will continue to be a voice reminding my colleagues of the seriousness of our nation's debt.

All the best,

Rod Blum
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