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Mom leaves child alone with gun while she vacays in Europe
by Dan Brawner Columnist · October 12th, 2017

Erin Lee Macke, the 30-year-old divorced Iowa mom who left her young children home alone while she went on an 11-day vacation in Germany, has done a great service for parenthood. She has provided us with a picture of the Monster of Motherhood. Now moms can say, sure, I may have given my kids pizza for breakfast three days in a row, but it's not like I'm Erin Lee Macke. When the story of the jet-setting, hard-partying Macke went viral, the level of self-righteous hatred directed at her from all over the world was overwhelming. Don't be surprised to find Erin Lee Macke Halloween masks this year.

Following her arrest on four counts of child endangerment, Macke explained to police that the reason she left her children, ages 12, 12, 7 and 6, to fend for themselves while she was celebrating Oktoberfest in Germany was that all of her babysitters fell through. That happens.

And it's not as if she wasn't thinking about them. If her children got lonely for her they could always look her up on Instagram where she posted photos of herself frolicking on the Danube River and left enticing close-up pictures of her dinner of bratwurst and sauerkraut. There you go, kids - the next best thing to home cooking. Don't eat all your Cheerios in one day, now.

And speaking of cooking, when the cops came to look in on the Macke children, the 12-year-old twins were attempting to feed the younger ones and led the police into their mother's room, where there was a Glock 9mm pistol and two loaded clips on an open shelf. You know, just in case.

Macke was arrested on $9,000 bond and, including the charge of making a firearm available to a child under 21, faces up to three years in jail. Who knows? If only Macke had not flaunted her vacation, if she hadn't been so pretty, if she hadn't broadcast photos of herself living it up in Germany while her young children tried to carry on at home, maybe she might have gotten off easier. Macke's Instagram page shows her competing in a bikini contest. Another photo shows her wearing a t-shirt that reads, "Vote for Vodka."

Being an incompetent mom is almost forgivable. What parent has not, at one time or another, felt overwhelmed and inept at navigating the complexities of raising their kids? Parenting is tough and dangerous. Parents suffer and sacrifice. It needs to be obvious to anybody watching them that parents are not having fun. Moms and dads are not supposed to look happy and young and sexy. They should not wear stylish clothes. Parents are forbidden to listen to or have knowledge of contemporary music, and it is a mortal sin to dance in the presence of their children lest the horror of that sight leave permanent scars, requiring years of therapy.

For whatever reason, Erin Lee Macke messed up and the court has ruled she is not allowed to even see her children for now. Maybe this will shock Macke into acting her age and being more responsible. In any case, the episode should scare us all into being better parents.
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