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Marion's Noise Pollution
by Bob Schlegel Marion, Iowa · November 9th, 2017

I am sorry, but I was born and raised in Dubuque and have since lived in several other cities across our great nation, but I have never encountered so many inconsiderate people as I have in Marion. By inconsiderate people, I am referring to those citizens who insist on creating unnecessary noise pollution while operating noisy Harley Davidson motorcycles and loud muffler dual exhaust pick-up trucks or discharging fireworks in our family neighborhoods. I have to admit, however, that recent conversations with the Marion Police Department have indicated a willingness and intention to start enforcing the City's new/revised Noise/Loud Muffler Ordinance which should put a huge dent in noise created by Harleys and pick-up trucks. What does disturb me, however, is the fact that four members of the Marion City Council recently voted (at it's 1st reading) to continue allowing it's citizens to discharge fireworks on several of our major holidays. By their vote, they endorsed the irresponsible practice of deliberately terrorizing thousands of our family pets as well as potentially injuring citizens and damaging property. I am thankful that our Mayor, as well as Mary Lou Pazour and Joe Spinks, voted for a complete ban and there is still hope that at least one or two of the other four Council members will change their minds before final passage.

Bob Schlegel

Marion, Iowa
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