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Area students to be represented at All-State Music Festival
by Report submitted · November 9th, 2017

A multitude of students from the Cedar Rapids Kennedy, Cedar Rapids Xavier and Linn-Mar high schools were accepted to the Iowa All-State Band, Choir, or Orchestra. The Iowa All-State audition process was held in Independence, Iowa on Saturday, October 21. The 71st Annual All-State Musical Festival Concert will take place at Hilton Coliseum in Ames, Iowa on Saturday, November 18, at 7:30 p.m.

Iowa All-State Band

Cedar Rapids Kennedy

Emily Hrabik; Flute

Alexis Green

Joyce Li; Bb Clarinet

Madison Strait; Bb Clarinet

Elise Siebels; Bass Clarinet

Ryan Barrack; Tenor Saxophone

Matthew Lyman; Trombone

Joseph Horne; Euphonium

Miles Damaso; Percussion

Cedar Rapids Xavier

Callie Fay; Flute

Joseph Bioche; Bb Clarinet


Nancy Herschberger; Bassoon

Roxanna Barbolescu; Bb Clarinet

Justin Yem; Alto Saxophone

Anna Kelly; Cornet

Jaeden Hansen; French Horn

Aleah Dupree; French Horn

Ashley Schmidt; French Horn

Amy Kenneson; Trombone

Isaac Langley; Bass Trombone

Adam Bergen; Euphonium

Iowa All-State Orchestra

Cedar Rapids Kennedy

Joyce Lai; Violin

Reagan Linder; Viola

Tyler Montgomery; String Bass

Nathan Morton; French Horn

Cedar Rapids Xavier

Caleb Burken; Cornet

August Brown; Percussion


Marissa Good; Violin

Akashi Gururaja; Violin

Elizabeth Low; Violin

Joel Peterson; Violin

Sydney Walther; Violin

Kathy Zhou; Violin

Sophia Abodeely; Violin

Gloria Chang; Violin

Braeden Green; Violin

Sophie Hagen; Violin

Sam Phillips; Violin

Katie Bellows; Viola

Laura Evans; Viola

Ashley Kendrick; Viola

Allie Schumacher; Viola

Allison Zelle; Viola

Savannah Zhou; Viola

Ben Hinz; Cello

Mary Hodgkin; Cello

Daniel Low; Cello

Morgan Lu; Cello

Jessica Wang; Cello

Grace Ahlers; String Bass

Caleb Almosi; String Bass

James Hecht; String Bass

Kirsten Loynachan; Bassoon

Samuel Kelly; Bb Clarinet

John Herschberger; French Horn

Iowa All-State Chorus

Cedar Rapids Kennedy

Erin Grams; Soprano

Katie O'Connell; Soprano

Kennedy Wilson; Soprano

Braxton Jones; Alto

Lydia Kilgove; Alto

Taylor Mather; Alto

McKenna Maus; Alto

Mallory McGuire; Alto

Sam Drish; Tenor

Zander Hodge; Tenor

Luke Shaffer; Tenor

Alex Young; Tenor

Brayden Remerowski; Bass

Joshua Young; Bass

Cedar Rapids Xavier

Gonna Pieper; Soprano

Kristen Hovda; Alto

Tristen Perreault; Tenor

Nolan Pithan; Tenor

Brady Christensen; Bass

Curt Lengemann; Bass


Katie Andreasen; Soprano

Megan Callahan; Soprano

Anusha Gopalam; Soprano

Josie Brendes; Alto

Emma Gostonczik; Alto

Casey Cerreny; Tenor

Alex Holbein; Tenor

Casey Walker; Tenor

Ian Crumbly; Bass

Michael Kuchera; Bass

Daniel O'Hara; Bass

Bryce Spencer; Bass
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