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Advertisement Strategic goals for upcoming years in Robins
by Article Submitted By Mayor Chuck Hinz · December 6th, 2017

Every other year, shortly after the Municipal Elections, the Mayor, City Council and City Staff meet with Jeff Schott of the University of Iowa, the Institute of Public Affairs, to perform a Strategic Goal Planning for the upcoming two-year term.

To keep the residents informed, following are the Major Accomplishments of the past two years; Issues, Concerns, Trends, and Opportunities; Ongoing Commitments and Obligations; and New Priority Projects, Programs, Policies and Initiatives and Organizational Effectiveness. This document can also be viewed on the city website at by following the link provided.



Economic Development

1. Otter Creek Country Store opening

2. Lebowski's opening

3. Emery Place - assisted with expansion


1. Started Main Street Rebuild Project which will be completed by 12/17

Purchased all properties needed for Main Street reconstruction without condemnation

2. Tower Terrace/I-380 intersection on DOT 5-year plan

3. Water/sewer projects

Chester Road

Center Point Road/County Home Road

Mary Jo/Jennifer

Robinwood Drive water extension

Woodland Drive water loop underneath trail

4. Drainage issue corrections, i.e., Cypress Court

5. Mentzer Road to County Home Road concrete overlay

6. Center Point Road concrete overlay (in process)

7. Developed Northwest Quadrant drainage/park plan

8. Sidewalk extension on Mentzer Road to Emery Place (in process)

City Operations

1. Developed Human Resource planning document

2. Developed improved city website

3. Used website, eblast, texting to communicate with residents

4. Completed library study

5. Purchased church south of City Hall

6. Completed special census

7. Established Equipment Reserve Fund and used those funds to purchase fire truck, patrol car, snow plow, and street truck


1. Opened trail expansion at South Troy Park to connect to Cedar Valley Nature Trail

2. Constructed Shimek Crossing/Bridge

3. Constructed Woodland Trail connection to Cedar Valley Nature Trail

Issues, Concerns, Trends and


The following were identified as issues, concerns, trends, and opportunities that may affect future city services, policies, finances or operations:

1. Review city staffing needs

How to pay for staffing needs (see HR Planning Document for more information)

2. Future construction of Tower Terrace Road in Robins

How to pay for it

Opportunity for future development

Infrastructure needs for this area; need updated engineering study and cost estimates

3. How to maintain lowest taxes in metro area while undertaking major infrastructure projects

4. Water and sewer across Tower Terrace Road up Center Point Road to Main St.

5. Flynn Development:

Installation of infrastructure - how to fund

Opportunity for growth

6. Robins Square development

Need to review zoning regulations and development plans

Community-endorsed economic development

7. Zieser/Water Management development (Northwest Quadrant)

8. Unnamed Tributary sanitary sewer trunk line from Mentzer Drive to Grand Court needs to be enlarged




The following were identified as ongoing commitments/obligations for the upcoming 24-month period:

1. Continue participation in regional Dry Creek/Indian Creek trunk sewer project

2. Continue sanitary sewer infiltration/remediation activities

3. Complete blacktop or concrete surfacing of remainder of seal-coated streets

4. Continue to move forward with Tower Terrace Road/I-380 interchange

5. Monitor drainage issues in neighborhoods

6. Construct urban cross section of Main Street from Troy Road to Mentzer Road

7. Continue to retrofit water in existing subdivisions

8. Utility obligations of city related to Flynn property

9. Continue economic development initiatives and continue support for REDI

10. Develop plan for downtown/original town/City Hall area revitalization

Reach understanding as to commonly understood terms for parts of the city (Downtown, Uptown, Robins Square, City Hall)

11. Develop plan for future growth of municipal buildings

12. Make a decision regarding Northwest Regional Retention Plan

13. Renew 28E annexation agreement with Hiawatha

14. Develop maintenance agreement with Hiawatha regarding Robins Road and other joint jurisdiction roads

15. Continue to update city website

New Priority



Policies and


The Mayor and City Council reviewed potential projects, programs, policies and initiatives for consideration and selected the following as new priorities for the upcoming 24-month period (listed in priority):

1 (Tie): Work with Hiawatha to overlay Robins Road

1 (Tie): Develop plans for economic development at Robins Square

3: Restroom facilities at South Troy Park

4: Upsize Unnamed Tributary sanitary trunk sewer from Mentzer Road to Grand Court



The Mayor and City Council reviewed a variety of ideas relating to improving organizational effectiveness to accomplish the selected goals and priorities. After review and discussion, the Mayor and City Council selected the following steps to improve organizational effectiveness:

1. Continue to explore methods to enhance communications with citizens

2. Continue the goal for the Council and City Departments to control spending

3. Conduct financial impact/cost-benefit analysis of proposed new major developments/annexation requests

4. Hold work sessions every six months to review the status of implementing the priorities identified in this goal-setting report; use the goal-setting report as a guideline for city actions

5. Update Policy Manual

6. Have formed or are forming sub-committees and task forces as needed to look at various needs and concerns of the City

7. In-service training for P&Z Commission, City Council and other committees

8. Regular joint planning meeting with City Council, P&Z and REDI

9. Continue to polish/improve systems (e.g., website, policies, etc.) already in place

If you have questions or comments, contact Robins City Hall at 319-393-0588 or me at
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