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Unique gifts 'perfect' for giving
by Cynthia Petersen Correspondent · December 14th, 2017

Finding the perfect gift isn't always easy, especially when you hear, "Oh, I really don't want anything," "I have everything I want," or "You are gift enough."

While that's a very noble attitude, many of us still like to show our special people how much we care about them with a gift. But sometimes we have to get creative.

Below are some of my gift ideas that might help you create some of your own.

An emergency kit for the car.

Do you have a young adult who just bought their first car, but doesn't have the experience of getting stranded in Iowa's winter weather yet? Give them an emergency kit with everything they might need, just in case they find themselves in the middle of nowhere with a stalled car and dead cell phone battery. Here are items to include in the kit:

Jumper cables

A "call police" banner

A blanket

Flashlight with new batteries


A can of tire sealant and inflator

An emergency battery pack for the phone

Bottled water


The "Perfect" Date Night

Ask yourself a few questions about your special person before you start, such as what do they like to do, what do they like to eat, and so on. Then all you have to do is maybe set up a babysitter for a specific night and buy a few gift cards for things and places your special person likes to go, and make the entire night all about them. Wrap the cards in a fun box for a special touch!

Some ideas for the women include:

A gift card to the hair or nail salon

A gift card for a spa or massage therapy

A gift card to a new outfit at her favorite shop

A gift card to her favorite restaurant

Movie, concert, or theater tickets

Gifts for the guys are basically the same idea, except gift cards that pertain to him. A gift card to places he likes for a day of relaxation, followed by a gift card to his favorite restaurant and to places he likes to go:

Gift card to a day at the shooting or archery range

A membership to a gym

Two steaks, favorite toppings, and a new grill set, so he can fix you dinner at home

A box of snack foods, a 6-pack of home-brewed beer, and a "free pass" for his favorite Netflix show or video on DVD

Other ideas for unique gifts include registering yourself and your special person for a class you both can share, or subscribe to their favorite magazine or channel subscription. Online businesses now offer a variety of "box" subscriptions with themed items that get shipped every month; it's the gift that keeps on giving.

You can also donate to a charity on your special someone's behalf, purchase a cow or goat for a farm in a struggling village, or have a star named after your favorite person.

The list goes on and on.

The fun part of gift-giving is finding the perfect present for your favorite person, and the look on their face when they open it ... priceless.
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