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Letter to the Editor: 2018 Volunteer Year
by Rene Gadelha Marion · January 4th, 2018

2018: Volunteer Year

New Year, new mindset, right? For many, every January 1 causes us to consider ways to improve our lives. We generally internalize those resolutions, rather than thinking more broadly. In 2018, why not challenge ourselves to reach higher and take on something bigger than ourselves? Imagine if Marion's 40,000 residents each donated time and energy - the results would be exponential!

I urge all Marionites to consider volunteering at a local non-profit or school, perhaps join a committee or board; there's even the Adopt-a-Spot program whose efforts help keep our city pristine. There are plenty of shelters for humans and animals alike that would happily put you to work. Just pick something and follow through. Not only would there be the obvious benefit to Marion, but also there's personal fulfillment and the related impact of modeling this positive behavior for others, particularly the younger generations.

It seems a bit strange to tweak the timeless and sage challenge of JFK, but for the sake of the cause, tweak I will. As you ring in 2018 and begin to pencil in how it will play out, consider volunteering in town. And so, my fellow Marionites, ask not what Marion can do for you - ask what YOU can do for Marion.

Rene Gadelha

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