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Don't let your investments take a 'vacation'
by Submitted By John A. Westfall · June 22nd, 2017
It's summer again - time for many of us to take a break and possibly hit the open road. But even if you go on vacation, you won't want your investments to do the same - in summertime or any other season. How can you help make sure your portfolio continues to work hard for you all year long?

How to fight dry eyes and protect your vision
by Report submitted · June 22nd, 2017
Dear Savvy Senior
What all can be done to combat dry eyes? Since I turned 50, my eyes have become increasingly dry and irritated.
Constantly Blinking

When fast food isn't fast, there may be consequences
by Dan Brawner Columnist · June 22nd, 2017
We're all accustomed to the convenience of fast food. We are willing to stand in line at McDonald's or KFC for a couple of minutes while a smiling employee in a goofy uniform, earning minimum wage, stuffs our order into a paper bag and hands us our change. But what happens when fast food is not fast enough?

Best bicycles for aging baby boomers
by Report submitted · June 15th, 2017
Dear Savvy Senior,
My husband and I are interested in getting a couple of bicycles for leisurely exercise and fun, and would like to get your recommendation. We're both approaching 60 and are a little overweight, and it has been a while since we rode.
Easy Riders

Diversify with bonds, even if rates are low
by Submitted By John A. Westfall · June 15th, 2017
If you've needed a mortgage or another type of loan over the past several years, you've probably appreciated the historically low interest rates we've experienced. But if you've wanted to own fixed-rate investments, such as bonds, you might have been less pleased at the low-rate environment. Now, interest rates may be moving up somewhat, but even if they don't hit the heights we saw in previous decades, you can still gain some key advantages from owning bonds.

President proves he's unquestionably presidential
by Dan Brawner Columnist · June 15th, 2017
Some say Donald Trump became truly presidential when he ordered missile strikes on Syria. Others have said he became presidential when he honored fallen Navy SEAL William Ryan Owens. Chris Wallace of Fox News declared Trump was elevated to presidential status the day he addressed the joint session of Congress.

Financial gifts - and tips - for new graduates
by Submitted By John A. Westfall · June 8th, 2017
It's Graduation Season again. If your child graduated from high school or college, you have reason to celebrate. But what should you give to your newly minted diploma holder? You might want to consider offering a combination of financial gifts and tips, which, taken together, could set your graduate on a path toward a successful, independent life.

First Daughter offers effervescent suggestion for stylish Memorial Day celebration
by Dan Brawner Columnist · June 8th, 2017
Americans have always been uncomfortable with matters of etiquette. While Europeans are steeped in social traditions, in this country we can feel a bit awkward when it comes to the social niceties. For example, knowing how to celebrate Memorial Day can be touchy. Fortunately, first daughter Ivanka Trump has come to our rescue.

How to hire a home helper for loved ones
by Report submitted · June 8th, 2017
Dear Savvy Senior,
I would like to hire a personal assistant/home helper for my mom to assist with some simple household chores like housekeeping, errand running, driving her to the doctor, and keeping her company. But mom doesn't require personal/physical caregiving nor does she require any home medical care. Any tips to help us find someone?
Looking for Mom

American Health Care Act to fix Obamacare
by Congressman Rod Blum · June 1st, 2017
This month the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act (AHCA) to fix Obamacare. After standing up to my own party and helping to improve the legislation, I voted yes on the bill's passage in the House. With so much misinformation surrounding the bill, I'd like to explain why I voted for it.

letters to the editor
by Jeff Drakke · June 1st, 2017
Hi Dan,
I read you [sic] somewhat funny article about that semi driver who destroyed a bridge by Cresco. What he did wasn't funny but you talking about weight limits was. However, you attributing it to being a libertarian fighting the man is a mistake. More like a commie, who like many west coast cities, ignore the law. I'm talking about how these leftist sanctuary cities ignore the law because it doesn't suit them. They are setting the precedent that you don't need to follow laws if you don't want to ... like paying taxes. This issue of semis destroying bridges is nothing new. Some woman truck driver did the same thing last year out east to an old bridge. The sign said the weight limit was 2 tons, if I remember correctly. She didn't know how much a ton was, so she "took her chances" and lost.

Prepare for changes in life insurance needs
by Submitted By John A. Westfall · June 1st, 2017
If you're going to achieve all your goals, such as sending your kids to college, retiring in comfort and leaving a legacy, you will need to save and invest throughout your lifetime. But to really complete your financial picture, you'll also need to add one more element: protection. And that means you'll require adequate life insurance for your situation. However, your need for insurance will vary at different times of your life - so you'll want to recognize these changing needs and be prepared to act.

Social security advice for soon-to-be retirees
by Report submitted · June 1st, 2017
Dear Savvy Senior,
Can you recommend any services that help pre-retirees decide when to start drawing their Social Security benefits? My wife and I are approaching retirement age and want to carefully weigh our options to make sure we're maximizing our benefits.
Approaching Retirement

Health coverage options for Pre-Medicare-Age spouses
by Report submitted · May 25th, 2017
Dear Savvy Senior,
My wife, who is 62, is on my health insurance plan through my employer. When I retire in a few months at 65, and go on Medicare, what are my wife's options? Is there some kind of Medicare coverage for dependent spouses, or do we have to purchase Obamacare?
Approaching Retirement

Memorial Day and the price of freedom
by Senator Chuck Grassley · May 25th, 2017
Memorial Day is at heart a community-oriented holiday. The first observances of what we now call Memorial Day were spontaneous expressions of gratitude and remembrance on the part of Civil War veterans for their fallen comrades, organized by veterans, groups in local communities. Only once it became an established tradition did state legislatures and Congress recognize the day as an official holiday.
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