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America's forgotten holiday: What is Labor Day about?
by Dan Brawner Columnist · September 14th, 2017
Labor Day is a funny holiday. It marks the end of summer and the beginning of school. It is the cut-off date for wearing white, swimming pools close, and there are some great sales. Labor Day is also the day when many people, ironically, don't have to work.

How to find a better medicare prescription drug plan
by Report submitted · September 14th, 2017
Dear Savvy Senior,
I think I'm paying too much for the medications I take. I have a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan and my out-of-pocket spending is over $4,000 thus far in 2017. When and how can I change my Medicare drug plan?
Inquiring Carol

Protect three key goals with life insurance
by Submitted By John A. Westfall · September 14th, 2017
September is Life Insurance Awareness Month. And "awareness" is an appropriate designation, because many people remain unaware of the many ways in which life insurance can help families meet their key financial goals. Here are three of the biggest of these objectives, as seen through the eyes of a hypothetical couple, Jim and Joan:

Brighten your grandchildren's financial future
by Submitted By John A. Westfall · September 7th, 2017
Mother's Day and Father's Day may get more attention, but National Grandparents Day, observed on Sept. 10, has gained in popularity. If you're a grandparent, you might expect to receive some nice cards, but if you want to make the day especially meaningful, you may want to consider giving some long-lasting financial gifts to your grandchildren.

In a medical emergency, where you live may determine IF you LIVE
by Sandy Heick, paramedic with West Branch Fire Department Linda Frederiksen, Director of Medic EMS in Davenport · September 7th, 2017
The unthinkable has happened: you, your family member or a friend is experiencing a heart attack, stroke, diabetic issue, or serious injuries from a car crash. Did you know when you call 911, you are guaranteed a police and fire response, but not an ambulance response? Sadly, it's true -- our state government requires the funding of fire and law enforcement, but has chosen not to fund emergency medical services, also known as "EMS."

Look at your windshield: Where have all the bugs gone?
by Dan Brawner Columnist · September 7th, 2017
Two weeks ago, I stepped out onto our front porch, glanced up at the ceiling and stopped dead in my tracks. I had seen things like this before, but not since I was a kid. It was like seeing a VW microbus, or Elvis, or an encyclopedia - you know - made on paper.

Top new cars for older drivers
by Report submitted · September 7th, 2017
Dear Savvy Senior,
My wife and I are both in our late 60's and are looking to buy a new car. Can you recommend some good resources that can help us evaluate and choose a good car for older drivers?
Car Shoppers

Are you a "hardworking" investor?
by Submitted By John A. Westfall · August 31st, 2017
Next week, we observe Labor Day, a celebration of the American worker. You work hard your whole life with the hope that your efforts will ultimately allow you to achieve your financial goals, such as a comfortable retirement. But for that to happen, you may need to apply some of the lessons of the workplace to your efforts as an investor.

Check-in services that can help seniors stay put
by Report submitted · August 31st, 2017
Dear Savvy Senior,
Are there any services you know of that check in on elderly seniors who live alone. I worry about my 84-year-old father falling or having a medical emergency and not being able to get to the phone to call for help. And he won't wear a lifeline help-button.
Desperate Daughter

Eclipse creates miraculous three minutes of darkness
by Dan Brawner Columnist · August 31st, 2017
I know it sounds ridiculous to take off from work on a Monday and drive four hours just to see the sun disappear for three minutes. After all, if you're willing to wait for it, darkness isn't that much of a novelty. But estimates were that about half the population of the United States alone was planning to stop what they were doing to watch the moon's shadow briefly cover the sun, making this one of the most widely observed events in all of human history.

Letter to the editor
by Dave Gregory Marion, Iowa · August 31st, 2017
To the Editor:
On my way to the August 17 Marion School Board Candidates Forum, I passed Marion City Square where early arrivals for a free concert nearly filled the park. They were already parking four blocks away.

Marion Builds Opportunity Giving Campaign seeks community involvement
by Erin Steffen, Executive Director Marion Independent School Foundation & Alumni Association · August 31st, 2017
Dear Marion Community,

This is an exciting time in the Marion Independent School District for performing arts, athletics and academics. Seven students made all-state music and six athletic teams qualified for state this past school year. Updated science and social studies curriculum is under development, opportunities for career and technical education are expanding, and the district has a renewed focus on professional development for teachers.

A state that values trees shouldn't ax its forestry program
by By Jackie Wedeking Trees Forever · August 24th, 2017
Is this the beginning of the end for Iowa's forestry programs?

Can you save for college and retirement?
by Submitted By John A. Westfall · August 24th, 2017
Few of us have unlimited financial resources - which means that almost all of us need to prioritize our financial goals. Consequently, you'll have some decisions to make if you'd like to help pay for your children's college education someday while, at the same time, saving for your own retirement.

How to stop unwanted junk mail and guard against mail fraud
by Report submitted · August 24th, 2017
Dear Savvy Senior,
My elderly father gets more than 100 pieces of junk mail every week, and I just discovered that he's given away nearly $5,000 over the past few months to many of the solicitors that mail him this junk. Can you offer any tips on how can I stop this?
Irritated Son
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